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Ostrich ride Ostrich ride

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This is the sickest thing you got right now. So Dope. You got that texture, shading, depth, lines are clean. things are looking real good. The design is dope too. that character is pretty cool looking. and i like how you did the clouds instead of the normal outline thing that people usually do. Can't wait for you to color this. Good shit.

ShizzleCreature responds:

ya man!
thanks for the kind words.

RE-DRAWN Gorillaz Comp Week2 RE-DRAWN Gorillaz Comp Week2

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Oh it was you!

I saw this design back then and it was easily one of the best ones. Looks great, awesome job on this although I wish you would have done some shading, the two light sources look great though so it's just a little plus that would have been nice. Again, great job on this :)

Nandi responds:

Yeah. I had shading actually. I turned the layer off because it just didn't look right to me, with those light sources. Thank you!

Slow and Steady Slow and Steady

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This design is wining. And I voted 5 on Threadless. Good Luck! Hope your design does better than the one I did a while back for GMO or some crap. Anyway great pic love the blank expression and the style lol.

The Grave Watcher The Grave Watcher

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This is so sick. Awesome job! Keep up the awesome work!

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Ludic responds:

Thanks! I'll try!

Neko-tan! Neko-tan!

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Ahh this is pretty dam cute. I would have loved to see some antializing but since it was done in ms paint it would take quite some effort. The highlights on the hair could have added tons if you did them kinda sharp and like jagged but It looks more stylized so I'm gonna give you a 10 still.Great job though it's nice and clean and it has great colors on the skin and the back ground and what not. The character overall is nice too (like how the fingers just barely stick out). Keep up the awesome work!

Marschall Schnurbard Marschall Schnurbard

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

You'll get there...

Study facial anatomy It'll come in handy when you're drawing people.
Also, the colors just get darker and lighter...Study some color theory.
And please don't blur the crap out of everything it doesn't look natural :/
The overall concept is nice but it could have been executed better. Practice drawing before you get into coloring so that when you paint something it'll look much better.

Soar Soar

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Great Job!

Awesome design. Great perspective. Nice color choices. Great composition. Overall great piece. I wish you would have added more to the background. Just some more definition. Maybe on the clouds and the green parts where they meet the cliff/mountain. Maybe some slight details here and there added to the closest cliff would add tons since the composition of this somewhat draws the the eye towards it. Anyway other than that Great job! 9.8 for sure :)

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Amaruuk responds:

Thanks so much! Yeah, I feel like something seems missing myself. Still trying to improve in the ways of painting scenes, too. Good ol' CC is nice :3

Oh, Pierrot! Oh, Pierrot!

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Woah you're getting better with the depth thing way to go although the character still looks a tad bit flat the BG looks nice. Keep up the good work :)

Luxembourg responds:

Ah, damn. He looks flat? My bad. I do feel I did a better job with the background's depth, but I see what you mean. Depth and perspective have always been my nemeses.
Thanks for the review, Cope.

Ms. Death Ms. Death

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Here goes my first review!

That scarf is just so harry potter...I like it though it has plenty of details and the style is nice, try to work on giving your drawings some depth, the picture looks like it could be a sticker just on there you know, flat. for example that chimney on his head could have been easily done differently to show it from a 3/4 view so you see two sides of it not just one since she's not facing straight ahead (even though her features are placed like she is I can tell she's on that), same with the books,drawer,table,and TV. I'm not saying that it has to be 3/4, it could be another angle but try to add depth, it's gonna turn your good art into amazing art. Your pieces have lots of feeling and detail and it's great, depth will make them pop and playing around with depth will give you art even more feeling and can help out in the composition of your work.

Composition is something you should look into also, the character is just in the middle with objects on her left and right...not to interesting. This scene could have had a greater impact on the viewer if you the placement of objects/character was changed (again this touches on angle/POV) using composition you can emphasize an object, the ghosts, her head, what ever you think is most important in the piece could be emphasized using the right composition. Mood is another thing that can be emphasized using composition and since you have lots of feeling in your work already it would be awesome with some composition worked in there ;D. Also Composition is used to guide the viewers eye around your piece which can be important for emphasizing key points of your piece.

Another thing is Line Weight. Line weight is SUPER use full for showing depth (which is my main concern with this piece). Her arm that's up could have slightly thicker lines there for making it pop a little more and seem like it's coming out and not touching her body. The ghosts could have a thinner or no outline and that's gonna provide a little texture. point is that lines can be played in order to achieve different effects.

Lintire pretty much covered then rest lol but I hope you find this help full. If you need me to elaborate on anything please let me know I'm trying to help you out here. Good luck in your future drawings!

PS.: Thanks for scouting me! :D

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Luxembourg responds:

Hey! For your first review, it's pretty solid and helpful.
I chose the scarf's colors on purpose: gold and deep red, the colors of Gryffindor. I chose them mostly because it's a damned good color scheme.
Depth, depth, depth. As I've said before, I'm terrible with it. The piece I'm working on now, for the current CHOW (40: Space Singer), is done at a more 3/4 view and has some perspective to it and hopefully won't feel flat. I'm working on trying to get better at making my drawings pop. I know I fucked up the depth here, so I'm practicing to get better.
As for composition, I wanted the focus to be the character, but I wanted to give the aesthetic that she was in a musty place. That's why she's surrounded by random. attic-esque odds and ends. Yet again, it's something I'm working on with my current piece.
Line weight is something I don't think about much. I don't have as static of line weights as some people do- my works don't feel boring because of them, anyways- but I understand I could really put more dynamic on them.
For the most part, I'm taking improvement a couple of paces at a time. I have a really long way to go, but at the moment I was mostly working on improving my detailing ability, and now I'm currently trying to work on depth and composition. I really hope I can improve over a lot of terrible parts in my work.
Thanks for the great review! I'm glad you liked it. You're welcome as far as the scout goes, you're certainly a good artist.